Why is a good solicitor so important?

It is imperative to choose a good solicitor when buying or selling a property, to ensure a smooth transaction. Choosing a good solicitor can speed up the whole process, furthermore, they will be very thorough in the work that they carry out, ensuring you are fully informed from start to finish. We have an extensive list of trusted solicitors so contact your local branch today to find out who we would recommend for your individual circumstances.

What difference can a good solicitor make?

A good solicitor could mean the difference between completing your sale with ease and in a timely manner or losing the sale completely and you being left out of pocket!

There is a lot of work involved in purchasing or selling a property and if your solicitor is quick to order searches, check them and raise enquiries, whilst keeping you and the other parties informed throughout, it ensures the whole process is much easier and less stressful.

For recommendations contact your local branch on 01709 311190

Why we only choose the best conveyancers

Choosing the best conveyancers is one of our main goals for you, we know how important this is during one of the most stressful times in life. It also makes our job a lot easier, when solicitors are responsive and providing regular updates, we are able help push the sale along quicker from both the buyer and sellers side.

Which solicitors do you work with?

We have long standing working relationships with our trusted local solicitors, so this varies from branch to branch. We also regularly review the service we receive from solicitors to ensure the best possible service is offered at all times.

Before you instruct your solicitor ensure you have reviewed the fees, understand what they are offering and ask any questions you have before signing on the dotted line!