Merryweathers Estate and Letting Agents are a long-standing reputable company.

We strive to be ahead of the current marketing strategies. We have proven marketing techniques that put your property ahead of the rest.

Where will we market your property?

Our internal CRM (Customer Relationship Management system), enables your properties to go live on our property portals such as Rightmove,  ZooplaOn The Market, BoominPrime Location, our website and also our Social Media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram at the click of a button.

Do we only market properties online?

Properties are not solely marketed online, due to our handy high street locations, we also have traditional window marketing which is filled with bespoke brochures of each property receiving plenty of interest from passers by. All our branches are on busy high streets with plenty of foot fall so engagement is high. Speak to your local branch today.

How do we notify Buyers & Tenants of a new property?

Our property matching system is integrated throughout all our branches, so buyers only need to register with one branch in order to see all our properties. This sends email notifications to prospective purchasers or tenants in our extensive database when a property matches a buyer/tenants requirements.

How do you keep track of viewings?

When viewings are booked in for a sales property, they are logged and visible in your Seller Portal or your Landlord Portal and you are also sent an email to confirm. Reminder emails are also sent out the evening before the viewing.


Should you have a ‘For Sale’ or 'To Let' sign?

This is optional, although our Valuer Jon has shared the main reasons why people are for and against a board.

In Jon’s experience the main reason people don’t have a board is usually because they don’t want the neighbours to know their business, which is totally understandable.

The main reasons people choose to have a sign is usually because they believe it is extra advertisement, people passing may see the sign and call to arrange a viewing, although when our properties go live on the portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla, the house number is not included. The signs give a little extra help if buyers decide to have a drive around an area to see what the property and area is like.

You can visit our website pages Selling or Guide to Letting to find out more information on the respective processes.

Alternatively contact your local branch today and speak to a member of our dedicated team.