Selling your home in Autumn

We understand that Spring is a fantastic time to sell your property, given the blue skies and colourful flowers, but here at Merryweathers we believe Autumn is also just as successful for marketing your property.

Selling your home in Autumn is quite picturesque, creating a great canvas for some autumnal property pictures. It’s the time of year when the tree leaves get their iconic colours, hues of rich auburn, burnt orange, lemon curd yellows, browns and greens. 

When would be best to market before or after Christmas?

With October in full swing this is THE perfect time to market your property, it’s taking on average 12-16 weeks to completion (on a problem free sale) that means that as you are taking the Christmas decorations down (boo) you can pack them straight up ready for your next move.

Autumn tips for inside and outside your home

If you are marketing your property it’s ideal to think of what season you are in, why don’t you have a seasonal décor change?

  • Using an array of browns, oranges, reds and yellows create an Autumn wreath to be hung on your door or to support small businesses find someone that makes wreaths, a welcoming sight for your buyers.
  • Why not add some centrepieces for your dining tables and coffee tables, include some pine cones, mini pumpkins, dried flowers in autumnal colours or a scented candle in the centre (ginger and pumpkin scents go down a treat)
  • Autumn makes you think of cosy fires, fluffy blankets and warm colours, so create this in your home by putting some fluffy blankets on the sofa, the bottom of your beds and make sure your house is warm (but not too warm as some buyers would prefer to keep their coats on but not suffer with the sweats because you have cranked up the temperature)
  • Don’t forget buyers are not just looking at your house they are looking at the garden too. So pull out the dead flowers and neaten the borders, get rid of soggy dark leaves, gardens can look good in winter too not just summer.

Dressing your home accordingly for the season gives character and will create warming focal points for your buyers.

How can we help?

There are lots of prices changing currently, energy bills, fuel, mortgage rates, but one thing that isn’t changing is our fees. We want to help you get on track with making that all important house move, even if it is to downsize to help you cover new costs.

We have our in-house mortgage advisers that have access to some very good rates. Greeting you with a friendly personality, our Advisers will contact you immediately after referral, contributing to that necessary smooth sale.

If you are ready to talk about anything property related then get in touch with Merryweathers today on 01709 311190