Auction Selling Guide 

Selling a house at auction has never been easier, so we have put together this short Auction Selling Guide to help explain the process.

What are the benefits to selling a house at auction?

There are many benefits, as explained in this guide, including faster completion times, optimised exposure, no sale no fee, additional security.

Are there different types of auctions?

Yes! There is the modern method of auction and the traditional method of auction. Each one benefits a different type of property and seller circumstances, so it is best to arrange a chat with an auction specialist to decide which is best for you and your property.

You can speak to our auction specialists by contacting your local branch on 01709 311190

What are the fees for selling a property at auction?

The buyer will usually pay a non-refundable reservation fee of 4.2% of the final agreed purchase price (subject to a minimum fee of £6,000 inc VAT). This is in addition to the purchase price. You can find out more about the purchasing side through our 'Buying a Property at Auction Roadmap'.

For the seller, there is an auction pack that will need to be purchased before the property is advertised. This contains all the important information on the property that a potential buyer needs when deciding if they wish to place a bid, this is a legal requirement. See the full ‘Selling your property at auction’ guide for more information on what this pack contains.

What is the process of selling your house through auction?

There are 7 steps in the process to selling your property at auction, you can find out more about the selling process in our ‘Selling your Property at Auction Roadmap’.

Frequently asked auction questions

The guide also has a list of frequently asked questions to help you fully understand the auction process, however, if you have any more questions, do not hesitate to contact our auction team at your local branch.

You can download the full Auction Selling Guide HERE

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