Find out how Estate Agents value property, what impacts its value and how to achieve a successful property sale!

Valuing property is something of an art, but as a seller, how do you know whether the valuation you’ve been given is accurate.

What impacts a home’s value?

As well as property size and location Estate Agents will also take into consideration market conditions, the quality of decoration and workmanship, development opportunities and, most importantly, local knowledge.

Do Estate Agents use comparable recent sales?

An experienced agent should always be able to explain and justify their valuation and give comparable evidence of recent sales. It can be tempting to blindly choose the Estate Agent who gives the highest valuation but if a property is uncompetitively priced it simply won’t sell. An agent should also take into account their knowledge of current active buyers.

How to achieve a successful property sale

The first 6 weeks of marketing are the golden window of opportunity- the key to achieving a successful sale is accurate pricing to generate viewings and interest. Having an Estate Agent you can trust makes the process of selling your property much less stressful and here are our top tips to find the best estate agent for you:

  • Ask for evidence to substantiate their valuation.

  • Consider a specialist Agent-if you have a niche property then it makes sense to find an agent who specialises in that field. Merryweathers have, for many years, provided expert advice on all manners of unusual properties.

  • Consider how up to date is the Agent with different methods of advertising and marketing-Merryweathers have embraced social media and technology and continue to provide dynamic and effective marketing to ensure you receive the best coverage.

  • Remember-all Agents are not the same! Always read the small print in the contract, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

Merryweathers have built an unrivalled reputation of offering sound, unbiased advice with the ability to change with the times. See more about Selling Your Home with Merryweathers

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