Property Appraisals

Before your property can be marketed, we need to do an accurate valuation of it to begin with. This is the first step to getting an indication of the rental value it can achieve on the market.

The process of valuing a rental property is very similar to that of a sales property, which you can find out more about ‘How Estate Agents value property’.

The Valuer may also suggest some safety measures to be put in place before the property can be put on the market to comply with rules and regulations.

Digital Photography

Having good quality, clear photos is paramount to ensuring that your property looks its best. The photos are what can initially create the interest. This is why we get our photos professionally edited to enhance your listing and make it stand out from the crowd.

Every listing has a floorplan of the property, this helps the potential buyers understand the layout better before viewings commence.

If you would like some handy tips on how to get your property photo ready, we have created a handy article 'Making your property photo and viewing ready' to help you achieve a clutter free, fresh look for the photos.

Extensive Marketing

We have several different online platforms to advertise your property on, such as our Social Media pages, Rightmove, On The Market, we also have an emailing system that automatically sends out properties to those whose requirements are matched in our extensive database. We also have the traditional in branch window marketing. See our Proven Marketing Techniques.

All of these marketing techniques increase the reach of your property and attract a wider audience with our extensive and varied marketing. You can keep up to date with all your property marketing using our 24/7 Landlord Portal.

Supervised Viewings

Supervised viewings are included in our Fully Managed Landlord Package, but they can also be added to the other packages if required. This is the perfect time for our team to have a chat with the prospective tenants and ensure we show them all the best bits of the property! After each viewing, we request feedback and relay this back to our Landlords.

Acquiring and Submitting Applications

When we have an interested party in the property we send an application form via email or it can be collected in paper form. Once this is returned we collate everybody’s application and discuss each one with the Landlord. It is then down to the Landlord who they would like to move forward with. Next on the list is doing our tenant referencing checks, we do take a holding deposit which temporarily ties the applicant to the property while we do the checks.

Referencing and Reports

The tenants application details are sent to a referencing company who check with the current landlord and employer to ensure the information they have received via the tenants application is correct. Credit checks are done to ensure there are no adverse credit. A final report is then created and it will have a fail, accept with guarantor or a pass. The tenant is always informed of whichever decision has been made.

Collection of Rent and Deposits

Once all checks have been passed a call is made to the tenant and the first months rent and bond is taken, the inventory is then booked in and a moving date is discussed. We register all deposits with the ‘Tenancy Deposit Scheme’ to ensure they are properly protected as per the UK law.

Safety Inspections

Safety inspections are carried out before each tenant moves in. This is to ensure that the property is in a safe condition for someone to live in. We also conduct regular property inspections, checking the property is being well cared for, is safe, the smoke alarms & co2 monitors are working etc. There are also mandatory annual gas checks and electrical safety checks every 5 years. Read about Gas safety checks in our blog here.

Professional Inventory

Professional inventories are carried out prior to a property been let, this is so we can ensure that the property remains in this same condition when it is vacated. When a tenant leaves we do a final inspection and then compare this to the inventory, this way when a tenant leaves we can see where there may be changes and possibly need for work to be done, this may be deducted from the bond that is taken in the beginning if necessary.

Frequent Updates

Every landlord has access to their very own 24/7 landlord portal.

We offer a variety of packages for Landlords, find out more today.

Signing of Agreement

This is where contracts are signed and dated, the agreement of tenancy now begins.

Move in day

There are smiles all round on moving day, to assist with the stress of moving. We are now partners with Just Move In who have a variety of suggested removal companies, broadband companies, they can assist in transferring bills over and much more helpful services.

You can find additional information here.