The process of selling

Accurate Valuation

An accurate valuation is the start to setting you up for the successful sale of your home. Our experienced Valuers use a variety of sources to provide an up to date, accurate valuation on your property. Find out more about ‘How do estate agents value property’.

Professional Photography and Floor Plans

Good quality Photography is important to ensure your property is looking its best when it is seen by potential buyers online. Our photos are professionally edited to ensure your home stands out from the crowd!

Included in all our listings is a floor plan, these are important to help potential buyers understand the layout of the property. See our article ‘Making your property photo and viewings ready’ for some helpful tips.

Extensive Marketing

The majority of property marketing takes place online, which allows us to reach the widest possible audience through all the main property portals including Rightmove, Zoopla & On the market. When you are selling with Merryweathers, you are able to see the number of people your property is reaching on your 24/7 property portal.

Furthermore, we advertise in our branches, on social media and through email marketing to our extensive pre-qualified database of potential buyers. See about our Proven Marketing Techniques.

Supervised Viewings

Included in our sales package are free supervised viewings, we understand that being available for viewings can be difficult and time consuming, so we step in and show potential buyers around. Following all viewings we request feedback from the viewer and relay to you, the Seller.

Collating and Submitting Offers

Following viewings, we submit any offers received, in writing to both the Seller and the potential buyer.

Finance Health Check of Buyers

Our internal independent finance team do a short financial health check on all the offers received to ensure they are viable. They check mortgage offers, deposits and much more to ensure a secure sale. Do you want to know more about mortgages?

Accepting an Offer

Once the Seller has accepted an offer, we can move forward with the sale of the property.

Choosing a Trusted Solicitor

Choosing a good solicitor is key to the smooth sale of a property, we work with various local solicitors and have great relationships with them to keep sales moving along nicely!

Memorandum of Sale

The Memorandum of sale is a document produced by the Estate Agent that details the intention of the Buyers to purchase the property at the agreed price, it also contains the solicitor details for both parties so all sides know who to contact to get the sale underway.

Continuous Contact with Solicitors and Clients

This is where our teams hard work begins! We work our way up and down the chain of properties being sold (e.g. your buyer, their buyer and so on). We liaise with the Seller, Buyer, Solicitors and other agents in the chain to ensure that all the sale progresses smoothly.

The solicitor will send out a solicitor pack to be filled in, then they will do local searches on the property and raise any enquiries, so there is a lot of back and forth. The buyer may also arrange a property survey and the mortgage company may send someone out for a mortgage valuation to confirm the property is worth the price it is being bought for. It is quite fast paced to begin with, then we can have quiet periods whilst we wait for local searches to come back and queries to be answered. This is common but we do aim to check in with you throughout even if there are no updates. We know how nail biting the process can be.

Exchange of Contracts

Once all the enquiries have been answered and terms agreed, the contracts can be exchanged and a completion date is agreed. When the sale is part of a larger chain this can depend on other properties in the chain so dates will be agreed by the solicitors.


Completion day is when you collect the keys for your new home and the house move commences, meanwhile we put our feet up for a short while and have a brew!