Our advice on how to make your property camera and viewings ready!

Do first impressions count on property?

When meeting people for the first time, like Job interviews and dating, first impressions count, only with dating if it goes wrong then you can laugh about it, no losses. However, with your property, there’s potentially a big loss with time and money and we don’t want that!!

So making the effort to spruce up your home, even as little as de-cluttering makes all the difference.

According to propertyreporter.co.uk 43% of buyers decide on the property by first impressions of the front of the property, with 5% deciding by the décor, furnishings and smell.

Keller Williams UK found that 69% of prospective buyers wouldn’t even consider a second viewing if they had a bad first impression.

How can you make a better first impression?

Lets start from the first thing that potential buyers see, your garden (if it has one) and the path leading to the property. Take a look around, does it need a de-weed? Could you add a few cheap plant pots adding some low cost colourful flowers. Pick up any litter the wind might have blown onto your garden.

Could you take the recycling bins to a more hidden area of the garden?

Does clutter matter?

YES! Clutter is a massive turn off for a lot of viewers, it can make your house look messy, full and doesn't show the property off at its best. So where you can, clear it out of the way ready for photos, to make that first impression count.

Make sure that pots are out the way and the things you do have in your home looks tidy and presentable.

Should you decorate before you sell?

If you have some scuffs or yellowing ceilings/woodwork, then a fresh lick of paint wouldn’t go a miss to make it look fresh. If you have a more extreme style in your home, perhaps go for a neutral paint, this will allow the viewer to think of their own style and won't be overwhelmed. Although it is not necessary to do this and you really shouldn’t spend a fortune, but it can be advantageous to selling your property.

Should pets be at viewings?

Try to keep any pets away from potential buyers, although they can add some cuteness factor this can distract viewers from the property and not everyone is an animal lover.

Do smells make a difference at a property viewing?

Potential buyers love good smells, it can take them to happy places (great when selling your home) so if you have some time on your hands pop some bread or buns in the oven to bake, this can create a lovely homely feel.

If you aren’t a novice baker then perhaps light a scented candle or get some plug ins for rooms, again gives a better first impression than the smell of pets or smoke.

If you are a smoker then avoid smoking just before a viewing appointment as this can be quite off putting to some viewers.

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