In an era where there are so many ways to sell your property and with more estate agents than ever before, what are the key factors to choosing an agent?

Selling your property and need to choose an Estate Agent?

In an era where there are so many ways to sell your property and with more estate agents than ever before, what are the key factors to choosing an agent? Here we have some top tips to help you to choose a good agent and what you should consider when making this huge decision.

Is it an established agent and do they have pre-registered clients?

You want to hit the ground running when selling your property so having an agent that has already checked a buyer and has their details waiting is a great start. A good agent will instantly be thinking of potential clients when they visit your property and many sales are agreed this way because the agent knows what their buyers are looking for and it could be a property just like yours!

The agent should be proactive

An agent should be honest, knowledgeable and able to push your property to the maximum. Just advertising your property is not enough, you need to have an agent who is calling potential buyers and pushing your property where applicable. Why not call and test them? Ring and ask about potential properties and see how proactive they are to get you registered and suggest good property matches to you, then you can see how well your property will be pushed when it comes to it.

It is not just about the fee

You might be thinking that all agents are the same and so why not just choose the cheapest? This is not the case as good quality agents are trained and know how to get the best results! For example if you were selling a property for £200,000 and agent #1 quotes £1250 and then a more experienced agent #2 quoted 1% (£2,000 in this case) then you might think it is a no brainer. However, if agent #2 manages to get you £5,000 more in asking price then you will have benefited so much more by choosing quality over price. At the same time you do not want to be over paying so it is well worth doing your research and checking how well an agent performs.

Marketing and presentation

In a time when the majority of buyers are looking online, you want your home to be advertised in the best and most places possible. Does the agent have good quality photography, a floorplan and even a video? Do they present properties well and are their descriptions well written? You want to stand out from the crowd so ensure that you choose an estate agent who can make your property look it’s best.

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Get a few valuations

You will be working with this agent for a few months and need to be sure that communication is good and that they have a good friendly approach. Asking for a valuation is great way to check this and a face to face meeting gives you a good feel for the people that you will be dealing with and it will ensure that they will be able to meet your needs.

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Do your research

An agent not performing is one of the causes for sales faltering so do your research and choose wisely, check your terms and conditions and watch out for long tie in periods. A good agent should be able to do the job within a reasonable time frame so you do not need to be held to them for more than a few months. Hopefully this guide has helped you think about what you require.

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